Amore Rose Skin Care System

Red, Red, Roses!!!

Amore Rose Glow Oil - More than just a facial oil, this can be used all over the body to aid against eczema, uneven skin tones, inflammation, dark spots, acne and more. Contains free radical fighting anti-oxidants and a wonderful rose scent.

Rose Water Toner - Formulated to give your skin a silky and refreshing tone. Great for balancing skin ph, moisturizing and prep for the rest of your skin care routine. Has a great rose scent.

Rose Water Facial Wash - With a wonderful light smell of roses it helps to gently cleanse the skin and keep it balanced. Follow this up with the Rose Water Toner to keep your skin in perfect condition.

Rose Clay & MIlk Beauty Mask - A unique combination of rose clay, organic milk powder, zinc oxide and ground rose petals serves to aid in bringing your dull skin back to life. It detoxes, moisturizes and adds free radical fighting anti-oxidants to your skin care routine to give you a deep cleansing and a rejuvenated feeling.

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