About Us

Mission Statement

To create products that complement the natural beauty and cultivate the free expression inherent in every woman.

Vision Statement

To make an impact on the world by providing products, services and community engagement that widens the narrow parameters of what it means to beautiful into a perception that includes all forms, shapes and colors.

Touch of Oshun

As stated above, we are a brand that seeks to draw out the beauty in every woman.  We are inspired by the Yoruban Goddess, Oshun, whose attributes of love, femininity, fertility and beauty we believe are the essence of what it means to be a woman.

These attributes guide the process of developing our products.  We use natural ingredients that work with your body in a way that doesn't cause harm or side effects.  Our ultimate goal, humbly speaking, is to accentuate the masterpiece that is YOU!

We stand behind our motto 100%: Beauty Done Beautifully!