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Touch of Oshun Natural Hair Growth System

This 3 step system is designed to treat the most important part of growing your hair - a healthy scalp. The connection between long, luxurious hair and a healthy scalp has long been recognized. We at Touch of Oshun have brought you an all natural way to take care of both while using nourishing and moisturizing oils.

Intense Scalp Treatment - Step 1 The first step in the system is a deep penetrating treatment oil that is designed to go on after you shampoo your hair. This treatment is to be used 2 times a month to condition and stimulate your scalp and roots, creating an environment that is optimal for hair growth.

Natural Growth Oil - Step 2 This highly nourishing oil is to be used 2 to 3 times a week to keep the scalp and roots moisturized, thereby stimulating hair growth and creating strong, beautiful tresses.

Quick Mist Moisturizing Spray - Step 3 The 3rd step in our system is a daily moisturizing spray. It's light, hydrating oils will penetrate the hair shaft and guard against dryness, brittleness, and breakage. This mist is light and will impart shine and a light floral scent to your hair.

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